Now for the pirogies

I buy Mrs. T’s pirogies at my local grocery store in the freezer section. There are four types sold. Plain, Four cheese, feta cheese and cheese with onion. Unfortunately I’ve told and shared my recipe so many people down here in the South that the stores has been out of my favorite four cheese pirogies. Mrs.T’s should send me a check for all the recommendations I’ve given of how to make pirogies. For today I’ll suffer with onions. They are real  good too! 

Remember you saved part of that buttered onion softened in the microwave. You can use them now. Wait, not now but in a little while. 

I use about 1/2 cup of canola oil into a frying pan and turn on the heat. Get pan as hot as you would for French fries. Be careful-hot oil burns are the pits. 

Add the frozen pirogies! 

Don’t walk away! The pirogies need your attention. 

Turn when pirogies start to brown. Once they start turning brown, they cook fast. Have a bowl or plate on standby with a paper towel in it to absorb some of the hot oils. 

Add some saltMaybe a little more salt? 

Take the bowl of warm buttered onions that you softened in the microwave and pour over the pirogies. The onions are completely optional. Butter is also an option. The pirogies stand on their own. When plain you can walk around and talk to friends at a gathering and nibble away. Great finger foods. 

I hope you enjoy this quick easy recipe. 

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